By Shane Anciso

The potential reasons for your computer running as fast as a century old tortoise are as follows, too many unnecessary programs running at the same time, web browsers not playing nice, viruses, internal components may be covered in dust or hardware failure (metals wearing out internally).

When too many software programs run at the same time while your is computer booting up this can cause a host of problems. These programs demand a certain amount of resources from your computer. Viruses slow down computers because they pull on your computers resources. When a computer has too much resources being pulled at the same time Microsoft can’t complete your needed updates. That is an extremely dangerous position to be in because an interrupted update can cause complete system failure also known as blue screen of death. Once we turn off all unnecessary programs that you don’t need while starting and kill the viruses from there, we can finally give the computer enough breathing room to get the proper updates done. This goes for mac and pc.

A web browser is the vehicle you use to get on the internet highway to go to websites. Your web browser is its own software program independent from your computer. Chrome does not play nice with other software or browsers whether that’s Mac or PC and will slow your computer down if you have another web browser open. We would also ensure all your browsers are properly updated because most of the time you can’t rely on most web browsers to update.

Most hard drives last 3-5 years before you see a loss of speed and performance. The hard drive is the brain of your computer where all your data is stored whether its a mac or pc those hard drives need to be replaced before they go bad or we will have to rely on a back up to restore that data once the hard drive fails. If we don’t have any back ups we will have to rely on data recovery. Try not to rely on that because data recovery can get expensive depending on how far gone your hard drive is and there is not any guarantee you will get all your data back. For your own sake please back up your data!

These are usually the problems at the root of why any computer’s running slow most of which can be fixed same day in a one to two hour appointment. These are all things that can be fixed without the need for third party software. Most third party software for windows that promises to fix your computer and make it run faster actually will damage it. This is because of the way windows 10 slows down your computer if it’s an older computer using a hard drive that is not solid state.


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