Is you computer painfully slow? Does frozen molasses run faster than your computer? Are you at your wits end with your slow computer? If you said yes to any of these three questions you need some help! No more stress! Give me a call so we can get this figured out quickly.

Do you need to transfer data to a different machine? Did you accidentally delete Timmy’s birthday pictures and have lost all hope? Was your precious data not properly backed up? Let me help you recover your data and ensure this never happens again.

Is your computers hardware more than three years old and now problems are arising? Have you run out of space? List of repairs included but not limited to hard drive, battery, keyboard, ram, power supply, and WiFi card replacement or upgrades.

Is your printer in a bad mood again? Does your printer need to be put in its place for good? I simplify printer setup so your computer can talk to it again. I can interpret the error codes. I speak printer. I am the printer whisperer.

Is your WiFi down and you can’t live without it? Are you paying more for your WiFi than you actually need to and don’t know it? I would be happy to settle these issues for you and get you up and running as fast as humanly possible.

Is MS Outlook driving you insane? Do your Excel documents have a mind of their own? Were you supposed to send that important email two hours ago? Lets not waste any more time give me a call. You would be surprised how fast and easy it really is.

Account mitigation has become a real problem this day and age and many don’t know there are services to help. Don’t lose hope lets get you access to your account whatever account it is asap.

Have you suspected for a long time that something just ain’t right with your computer? Have you had an eerie feeling someone is spying on you through your computer or has access to your files. Full virus, malware, and spyware removal offered with the option of future contingency plans placed to keep your mac or pc safe.

They don’t make smart home set up easy but hey that’s what I’m here for! Over a decade of experience of setting up and troubleshooting smart home technologies, to include TVs, surround sound systems, routers, parental controls, security alarm systems, thermostat, and lighting control (led included).

Number one its an absolute last resort. It is usually not the fastest way to get your computer working again. But sometimes it is the better option. The biggest challenge is software aka Microsoft office, QuickBooks, AutoCAD, and Adobe Photoshop those are the software programs will always require a intensive reinstall process and we have to make sure you have sufficient back up of your data first before any reinstall.

I will patiently and professionally hear out your problems and address your questions with solutions that you can take immediate action on. Quickly you will be moving forwards with confidence having what you need to overcome your tech issues.

I have over 500 blue screen of death repairs in my knowledge belt of awesomeness. Thus I can confidently repair any blue screen of death which is usually caused by a Windows update that went horribly wrong and didn’t get to finish. There is no way to know this from just the error code itself. I on the other hand can come on site, plug up a thumb drive and run a scan that will be able to quickly and easily identify what the cause is.

The good news is your data is probably still there and can be recovered. It also means that we can probably still find a solution without having to replace your Mac all together.

The bad news is that most of the time it will be more than one repair session and requires a 72-hour time frame before we’re able to get the Mac back to you. We may have to do data recovery. We usually have to replace either the hard drive or a hardware component like the logic board and sometimes the repair cost will not be worth the Mac itself. Usually what this is a sign of is a update gone horribly wrong and or a update that wants more hardware than your Mac can give it. Also a bad battery will slow down your Mac. If the battery is no longer working and no longer sustaining a charge it can cause your Mac to run slow even though it indicates it’s charging properly. You don’t want to replace your Mac battery with just any old battery because your Mac has a sensor chip that will check the battery and if it is not the exact wattage that it originally is used from an Apple official battery it will cause the system to slow down and cause serious problems if not ruin your mac.

Oh when I get them these are FUN but we have to make sure we have a realistic time frame. Most of the time it is not your fault if you bought all the parts double-checked everything assembled it and it still doesn’t want to start. That does not mean there is not hope most of the time we can find out which connector or which part is missing or not properly connected to get it to work. You will always get more hardware for your dollar with a custom-built computer we can do a custom-built computer on order but with covid-19 delaying shipping we have to have at least a one month time frame to work with on any custom-built computer.


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