Why should you trust me?

  The main problem in the industry is that just because someone can fix your computer doesn’t mean that person is actually going to fix your computer! You need to make sure that you have full clarity as to WHO is going to be repairing it and with what kind of background or experience. Thus the challenge is the bigger the repair shop, especially if its a store corporation or international remote support call center, the less control you have over the accountability of your repair and getting your computer back in a timely fashion. You absolutely should NOT trust your computer with just anyone. When a client trusts me with their computer I insure that the computer is not only sanitized, cleaned from the inside out, also the hardware and software is inspected regardless of   why it was brought in to help ensure no future unforeseen problems. My communication with the client is responsive, ongoing and in a timely manner. In addition I have over a thousand clients I have served over the last decade with tons of reviews online with many different references to backup my credibility and trustworthiness in this market. I backup my service with 90 day guarantee with to any repair so if a client is dissatisfied with their repair I immediately make that a priority to address and do everything I can too under-promise and over-deliver to meet the expectations of that client.

Olivia Anciso

Admin and Bi-Lingual Communications

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  • Fix My WiFi
  • Fix My Hardware
  • Recover My Data
  • Cast Demons From My PC
  • Fix My Outlook

Additional Services

  • Smarthome Set Up
  • Tech Consultations
  • OS System Reinstalls
  • Blue Screen of Death
  • Beach Ball of Death (Mac)
  • Gaming Setups/Builds


Mon-Fri: 12pm – 6pm
Sun: 2pm – 7pm
After hour fees apply